The Sad State of High-Dose Naloxone (Video)

For nearly a decade, journal articles and news reports have partly blamed the American “opioid epidemic” on the lack of high-dose naloxone formulations. Although the push towards high-dose naloxone formulations was rooted in good faith, these overdose reversal products have caused irreparable harm to drug users — all while lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. High-dose naloxone products like NARCAN® and Kloxxado® have no place in harm reduction or public health — and here’s why:

Initially presented at the Southern Harm Reduction Conference of 2022.

3 thoughts on “The Sad State of High-Dose Naloxone (Video)”

  1. Just found this video while researching the options available in Rutherford County, TN…there are none. It’s a well established idea on the streets here that Noloxone is a Big Pharma money maker but this is the first I’ve heard from anyone about the availability of IM options. I wish I could say I was surprised by that but I’m not. I know there are a LOT of PWUDs here in the Murfreesboro area and wish there was more I could do. I wouldn’t wish POW on my worst enemy….ok….maybe just my ex-husband. Jk…
    If there is anyone who would be willing and able to reach out to me about the logistics for getting something set up here or connect me with a group working on that I would appreciate that. I can check back for comments in case my email doesn’t show up and will try contacting the Memphis group in the meantime. Thanks for advocating for those who have no one.


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