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Still No Additional Evidence to Support Tennessee Law Enforcement Agency’s May 30th Claim of Accidental Airborne Fentanyl Exposure Overdose

On June 18, a news report was released by Huntsville, Alabama’s WHNT 19 News claiming a deputy had overdosed on fentanyl while searching a suspect. After searching a suspect’s pockets, the deputy allegedly caused a powder containing fentanyl to fly up into his face, where he inadvertently inhaled it, causing an overdose. In the online […]

The “Community Guide”

Jane, 52, is a long-term sex worker and often-problematic drug user. She preferred cocaine for some two decades, drifting in and out of jail, rehab, and places to stay along the way. Now, she uses heroin to treat her chronic pain. I believe the unfortunately-illicit opioid satisfies her nearly-lifelong craving for stimulants, although she still […]

Suspected Novel Psychoactive Substance Outbreak in Northwest Tennessee — Fatal Opioid Overdose Risk Increases Thanks to Coronavirus

I live in Northwest Tennessee, also known as Region 6N by the state (at least as far as Regional Overdose Prevention Specialist jurisdiction is concerned), a nine-county region home to about 254,000 people. 2014 — that’s when I moved here. It’s also when I picked up opioids as my drug of choice. I’ve been using […]


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Professional portrait — or "headshot," in other words — taken of me around March 2017 by professional photographer Derrick O'Dell of Union City, Tennessee.
About Me

I’m Daniel Garrett, a long-term drug user, former sex worker, and proud LGBT member living in rural Tennessee.

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