CONFIRMED: Jackson Law Enforcement Quietly Conducts Prostitution Sting Over the Weekend

Per local news outlet WBBJ’s most recent publication of mugshots, which span the period from Friday, Dec. 3, to Monday, Dec. 6, we have confirmed that Jackson law enforcement did, in fact, conduct a prostitution sting over the weekend, as we reported on Sunday, Dec. 5. In this most recent batch of mugshots, no fewer than 17 people were charged with patronizing prostitution and two others were charged with prostitution.

Aside from us, no outlets have reported on Jackson-area law enforcement’s recent crackdown on local sex workers and buyers. Find our original coverage of this police crackdown here.

For the record, we do not support the criminalization of sex work. Arresting sex workers (and buyers) en masse does nothing but push the sexual services market further underground, onto the streets in the form of street prostitution and into the hands of abusive sex traffickers. Founded by a former sex worker, we stand in solidarity with our sex-working brothers and sisters. If you’re a current or former sex worker — or an ally — consider joining the Tennessee Sex Workers’ Union.

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