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Rhodes, Z. (Host). (2020, May 15). Daniel Garrett– Shining a Light on Rural Tennessee (No. 56) [Audio podcast episode]. In The Social Exchange. Aaron Ferguson. https://thesocialexchange.libsyn.com/2020/05


Welcome to episode 56!

Today’s guest is Daniel Garrett

Daniel belongs to a demographic that has not been widely represented on this podcast.

Hailing from rural Northwest Tennessee, Daniel is in his mid-20s, he is bisexual, he is below the poverty line, he’s experienced traumatic events and difficult family circumstances growing up, he has done sex work, and he currently uses illicit drugs (even though he’s actively trying to pursue alternative, more healthy involvements and cut down on (or stop) his drug use. 

Fortunately, for the first time in his life, Daniel has found something meaningful and purposeful to pursue– namely, educating the public about harm-reduction. 

UNfortunately, he is often misunderstood by people who mistake his eccentric personality (and blunt way of putting things) as meaning he ignorant and/or acting in bad faith.

In my experience, the former is true; the latter is absolutely not.

I hope you’ll find Daniel’s ideas interesting and that you’ll enjoy episode 56!

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For Drug Users, By Drug Users

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